Research on the Current Situation of Undergraduates' Study Procrastination in Research Universities

Lianhua Zhu, Cong Zhang, Liansheng Yang


By using questionnaire of study procrastination, this research aims to investigate the current situation of undergraduates’ study procrastination in Research University T in China. Results show that study procrastination is a relatively common phenomenon and especially in the task of exam review. 36.3% of the undergraduates show a high-level study procrastination and 42.8% of the undergraduates consider the study procrastination as a major obstacle for their study, 80.5% of the undergraduates hope to reduce this act of postponing. The study also shows the main factors of the study procrastination are study motivation and time management, and to cultivate undergraduates' study motivation and to improve the time management ability are the most effective way of intervention for study procrastination.


Study procrastination, Research universities, Time management, Study motivation


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