The Basis and Path Choice of Internationalization of RMB

Xiaoling Xu, Yunqin Zou


With the strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength and the deepening of the degree of participation in the world economy, the degree of internationalization of the RMB is steadily advancing. The international use of the RMB continues to develop rapidly, the further development of the offshore RMB market, the deepening of international cooperation in the RMB. But at the same time, the internationalization of the RMB also for China's economy brought some uncertain factors, such as regulation level in China to be promotion, onshore and offshore investment still need to broaden the way, financial market transparency should be increased and so on. To this end, China should take appropriate measures to deal with all kinds of financial risks, and orderly arrangements for the financial and monetary policy, in order to promote the smooth completion of the internationalization of the RMB.


RMB; internationalization; foundation; path


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