Analysis of Vibration Response Induced by Trains on High Embankment of Ba-zhun Heavy-Load Railway

Yan Li, Lei Su, Xianzhang Ling, Cong Wang


According to the typical section of high embankment subgrade of Ba-zhun heavy-load railway, a finite element model of dynamic response of high embankment under load of heavy-load train was adopted. Based on the improved vertical dynamic coupling system of vehicle-track, the time history response of sleeper force under different heavy-load train velocities was calculated, which was then set as the external excitation of the finite element model. After the model calculation, the dynamic response of high embankment subgrade induced by the train load of heave-load railway and its distribution law along the depth of high embankment were analyzed and discussed.


Heavy-load railway, Train load, Vibration response, High embankment, Finite element


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