Prediction Model for TBM Disc Cutter Wear in Mixed-face Ground Condition

Dong-Jie Ren, Shui-Long Shen, Da-Jun Yuan, Jin-Chun Chai


The disc cutter failures during shield machine tunnelling in mixed-face ground were summarised by classifying the wear data gathered from the construction of Guangzhou Metro Line 7. The stress state of disc cutter and different effective factors in mixed-face ground condition were analysed. A prediction model for disc cutter wear in mixed-face ground was proposed taking the working status of TBM and the characteristics of geological conditions into consideration. The TBM parameters and geological characteristics of the north tunnel in Guangzhou Metro Line 7 was used to determine the prediction model. With the prediction model, the disc cutter wear of the south tunnel was predicted. The effectiveness of the prediction model was verified by comparing the predicted value and the actual value of the south tunnel.


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