The Displacement Solution of Existing Tunnel and Ground by Traversing Construction by Stochastic Medium Theory

Jianchen Wang, Yunliang Liu, Dingli Zhang, Haiwei Bai, Nanxin Du, Fanwei Meng


Tunnel excavation will cause the displacement of ground, which will lead to the displacement of the existing tunnel. Because of the great difference between the tunnel’s rigidness and the ground’s rigidness, the conventional analytical method cannot calculate the existence of different stiffness of the stratum displacement field. The stiffness of the existing tunnel is equivalent by stochastic medium theory. A computing model which includes the new tunnel and rock mass and the existing tunnel is build. Taking Beijing metro line 10 crossing metro line 1 as an example, with this method, the influence of the existing and ground is studied. The results show that the calculated results are in good agreement with the experimental results, and the analytical solution can well explain the barrier and diffusion of the existing tunnel. The research results provide a new analytical method for the calculation of the existing tunnel and stratum settlement caused by the construction of the tunnel.


Crossing engineering; existing tunnel; stochastic medium theory; analytical solution


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