Analysis of Surface Subsidence Caused by Excavation of Urban Tunnel Based on GIS

Chang-feng Yuan, Guang-ming Yu, Zong-he Guo, Ran Li, Cong-ming Li


The smart city management platform based on GIS provides a powerful data and decision support for the construction of underground projects and to avoid the occurrence of ground disaster caused by excavation. In view of the project problems of surface substance caused by the excavation of urban tunnel, the data management process of urban tunnel excavation is established based on the GIS management technology, and combined with the characteristic of four dimensional data in the process of urban tunnel construction, the method of storing time dimension + dynamic and static data in the process of urban tunnel construction is designed, the standard database of surface substance early warning is set up and the predicted module of surface substance caused by excavation of urban tunnel under different geological conditions is developed, and by the expected module the corresponding storage data and calculation model are called to predict the surface subsidence caused by tunnel excavation and determine the influence range of the excavation disturbance, and the analysis results are fed back to the data management of GIS platform, and this will provide technical support for decision makers by comparing with the corresponding standards. Through the analysis of the actual case of Qingdao city tunnel excavation, it provides technical support for preventing the occurrence of disasters during the tunnel excavation.


GIS; four dimensional data; tunnel excavation; surface deformation


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