Thermal Expansion Coefficient Testing of Road Concrete Using Optical Lever

Yan-cong Zhang, Ling-ling Gao


The method for determining the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of road concrete with optical lever system was introduced. CTE of 144 concrete specimens was measured with it. The coarse aggregate in these specimens contains 8 types from 19 origins. The measured result was satisfactory verified by AASHTO T 336. The results showed that: CTE of road concrete was ranged from 6 4.76 10  /℃ to 6 12.1 10  /℃. Coarse aggregate type had a great influence on CTE. The higher CTE of the aggregate, the higher CTE of concrete contained that aggregate when aggregate content was equivalent. The sensitivity of concrete for different temperature ranges when the temperature gradient was equal has no significant difference. Meanwhile, amount of concrete expanse when temperature increment was equal with concrete shrinkage when temperature reduction.


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