Influential Factors of Self-Healing Performance of Asphalt Concrete in Fracture Behavior

Shiping Fan, Hongzhou Zhu, Hao Wang


This paper investigated the self-healing performance of asphalt concrete using semi-circular bending test. The healing index is defined as the ratio of healed strength and initial strength of asphalt concrete specimen and used to evaluate the self-healing potential of asphalt concrete after macroscopic fracture. The test results show that the self-healing ability of asphalt concrete depends on heating temperature, healing time and confining pressure. Temperature has a decisive effect on self-healing ability of asphalt concrete. The self-healing index shows an exponential relationship with temperature. The healing time is also an important factor to influence the self-healing ability of asphalt concrete. The relationship between self-healing index and the time of self-healing was found being linear. On the other hand, applying confining pressure on the cracked surface can accelerate the crack healing and improve the self-healing ability. When the temperature is lower than 60ºC, the effect of confining pressure on self-healing ability is more significant. This indicates that the pavement crack at deeper depth may have the greater self-healing potential as compared to the crack at pavement surface.


self-healing performance, macroscopic fracture, semi-circular bending test, influencing factors


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