Waterproof Performances of CNT Cement-based Composites Modified by Doped Silane Waterproofing Agent

Qianqian Li, Qiuyi Li, Gongbing Yue, Yuanxin Guo


We integrated orthogonal experiment technique with three factors and three levels, and employed single-surface capillary absorption method to study the effects of water-cement ratio (W/C), the loading of carbon nanotube (wCNT), the addition of silane waterproofing agent (wKH55) on the waterproof performances of CNT cement-based materials modified by doped silane waterproofing agent (KH/CNT/CC). Orthogonal range analysis reveals, when the KH/CNT/CC specimen is in condition of W/C=0.32, wCNT=0.2%, wKH55=0.5%, the mass of water absorption is the minimum, and the water resistance is the best. The absorbed water mass after 96h of KH/CNT/CC with wKH55=0.5% is decreased by 170.1g/m2 when compared with the case with wKH55=0.1%, the incorporation of silane waterproofing agent has effectively improve the impermeability of CNT cement-based composites. This will provide a reference for the development of the intrinsic sensors with excellent waterproof performance.


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