Performance Study of Warm Mix Asphalt Fiber Mixture in the Thin Overlay

Jinghui Liu, Shoujing Yan


Ultrathin asphalt mixture used to overlay has better road performance. Asphalt mixture can be mixed and constructed at relatively low temperatures, basing on warm mix technologies, solving issues of the thin overlay fast cool and poor compaction. Warm mix overlays is a fine thin overlay, rutting resistance of concrete and thickness 2~3cm. It composed of high quality modified asphalt, aggregate gradations, warm mix agent and polyester fiber. Indoor experimental research analyzed the performance of warm mix of ultrathin asphalt mixture water stability, high temperature stability, rutting resistance, anti-slide and noise reduction. Tests show that 5% of asphalt, 0.3% mineral fiber is the optimum dosage of warm mixed agent.


graduation; mineral fiber; warm mix agent; thin overlay


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