The Relationship of Concrete Chloride Diffusion Coefficient under Different Test Environment

Liming Zhang, Hongfa Yu, Jia Li


The relationship of concrete chloride diffusion between permanent immersion and wet-dry cycle is studied. Free chloride ion content of concrete under different environment is measured. Chloride ion diffusion coefficient (Dt) is computed by second – dimensional chloride diffusion model. The result shows that: Chloride ion diffusion coefficient is decreased with increasing f corrosion time, Time – dependent coefficient (m) is decreased with the increasing of concrete compression. Dt and m under wet-dry cycle are bigger than which under permanent immersion. Environment coefficient KD is expressed by corrosion time with power function. The fitting parameters KD 1 of environment coefficient KD is increased with the increasing of concrete compression. Concrete in Wet-dry cycle accelerating chloride ion diffusion is compared to it in permanent immersion.


Permanent immersion; Dry-wet cycle; Chloride diffusion coefficient


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