The Influence of the Coal Slag Power Content of Recycled Concrete Chloride Binding Capacity

Liming Zhang, Hongfa Yu, Jia Li


In order to figure out influence of activation coal slag power amount of concrete on chloride binding capacity, concrete chloride capacity is researched with different coal slag power and corrosion time in 3.5%NaCl solution, test result showed that concrete chloride binding capacity has nothing to do with corrosion time, its value is first increased then decreased with the increasing of activation coal slag power amount. The Value of R reached the maximum at 30% coal content. The crack width of interface varied from broad to narrow with the increasing of activation coal slag power amount. The interface between recycled aggregate and binding material has a wide crack, which was filled with calcium silicate with the increasing coal slag content increasing. When coal slag power content was over 30%, the amount of calcium silicate and the value of R were decreased with the increasing of coal slag power content. Thus, coal slag power can be used as concrete mineral admixture and the optimal amount of concrete is 30%.


Activation coal slag power; Corrosion time; Chloride ion binding capacity


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