A Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Wireless Communication System Based on ZigBee

Shenghui Pan, Tiantian Wu, Peng Cao


In order to acquire the real-time attitude information in the performance test of vehicle, alleviate the pressure of transportation caused by economic development and reduce the number of traffic accidents, we propose a vehicle-to-infrastructure wireless communication system based on ZigBee in this paper. The STM32 micro controller is used as the MCU of in-vehicle terminal to process the data obtained from inertial sensors, including the acceleration, angular acceleration, position, etc. Then the data is transmitted to the infrastructure unit or ground test station via ZigBee wireless network node. CRC check-sum is used to improve data accuracy and an user interface is designed. Finally, monitoring the driving state of the vehicle is achieved. The real vehicle test results show that the system is stable and reliable.


ZigBee; wireless communication; vehicle-to-infrastructure


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