Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Generation Simulation Device

Shengyi Liu, Zhipeng Wang


This design using PLL frequency multiplier, a comparator zero crossing triggering and MCU DA and the input signal with the frequency and phase and amplitude controllable sine wave, as a DC-AC inverter, the input reference signal, the DC-AC inverter, the class D amplifier self-excited feedback model, using negative feedback of the self-excited oscillation to produce SPWM wave, the realization of the output waveform of the inner loop control. Single chip real-time acquisition of the entrance voltage and current calculation, to achieve maximum power point tracking, completed the requirements of the subject. Under the rated load of 30 ohm, the measured efficiency is up to 89%, and the distortion is very low. The frequency phase can achieve the fast tracking of less than 1 second, the tracking phase difference is less than 0.9 degrees, and has the function of under voltage, over current protection and self recovery.


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