Correcting Wellpath Design for Magnetic Guidance Drilling of Twin Parallel Horizontal Wells

Binbin Diao, Deli Gao, Zeliang Tong


The scientific planning of correcting wellpath has important practical significance for controlling well trajectory and reducing drilling time in magnetic guidance drilling of twin parallel horizontal wells. Connecting with external detection calculation of well trajectory, the calculation method of the injection well downhole parameters was obtained by fitting the measurements of magnetic guidance tool. And connecting with the calculation of the adjacent well distances between injection well and production well, the calculation formulas of correction target point parameters in inclined section and horizontal section were obtained. And then, the correcting wellpath design method in magnetic guidance drilling of twin parallel horizontal wells was proposed based on the three-dimensional wellpath design method for conventional directional well with drilling. The method can provide scientific basis for decisions of injection well trajectory control. And the adjacent well distance control objective can be achieved better.


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