Spatial Variation Analysis of Urban Land Price in Central Kunming City

Jie Jin


The purpose of this study is by taking the balance theory of western urban space structure for reference, to analyze the characteristics and influencing factors ofspatialvariation ofland price in single centerofprovincialcapital in China, the curve of spatial variation and the optim ization of land use pattern. Methods of GIS, statistical and econom etric were em ployed with the actual transaction data of land price in Kunm ing from 2001-2013. The results indicate thatland price decreases from city centerto outskirtalong with obvious spatialvariability.The dom inantfactor of land price spatial variation is the distance from the city centre,followed by CBD distribution,public utilities and naturalconditions.In conclusion,the land price has played a role in spatial allocation of land resource after m ore ten years reform ofurban land use system . The urban land price spatialvariation in single center ofprovincialcapitalin China is in accord with Alonso's theory of space structuralm odelbasically.


Land-Price; Spatial variation; Distance apart from the city core; Kunming City


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