Landscape Serving Education—Inspirations from Green School Yard in San Francisco

Peihao Tong, Shiao Wang


This research paper was written as a requirement of LA 514 The Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture Program, Illinois Institute of Technology for Professor Mary Pat Mattson. In the course of my exploration, I realized that Miller’s design of Green school yards in San Francisco were a highly collaborative effort with schools, communities and organizations. The green schoolyards, including edible gardens, not only extend the outdoor classroom which has become more and more popular in the world, but also provide educational purpose, physical training, awareness of food resources and fresh food resources. This paper is going to figure out the following questions: what is the designer’s responsibility and role in the design process? How does the green schoolyard design influence the work? How is the collaboration between community, design team, school and Government? What are proposed politics and culture?


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