Impact on the Concrete Performance of Tailing Admixture Fineness

Biyao Geng, Wen Ni, Chao Ren, Li Dezhong, Qiu Xiajie, Xiaowei Cui, Jiajia Wang


China is rich in lead and zinc resources and reserves in the world, due to the nearly 20 years of sustained and rapid development, China has become one of the world's leading producer and exporter of lead and zinc. However, with the lead-zinc mining has gradually increased the amount of pollution on the environment is increasing. Therefore, to lead and zinc mine and comprehensive utilization of solid waste disposal, solid waste and Zinc Mine achieve "reduction, environmentally sound, resource-oriented" of harm into turning waste into treasure, go Resources and Environment protection coordination mining road of sustainable development, is today an important research direction, this paper tailing as the main object, by ultra-fine grinding as the main means of mechanical force activation method to stimulate its potential activity, tailing and pulverized powder as a high-performance concrete admixture of materials, the basic properties of concrete were discussed.


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