Study on Starting Process of Belt Conveyor Based on AMESim

Song Zhao, Wei-tao Wang


As the belt conveyor towards long distance, large capacity and high speed in the direction of development, The belt conveyor dynamic characteristics became more and more obvious, the dynamic characteristics of the starting process in order to better understand the large belt conveyor, and the different starting acceleration of belt conveyor impact size, To determine the optimal starting acceleration, introduces the calculation formula of ideal starting acceleration for four kinds of belt conveyor, Put forward on belt conveyor and its starting acceleration model was established based on the AMESim software library of mechanical signal The starting process of belt conveyor is simulated by using AMESim software, Scheme for determining the optimal acceleration, Through the comparative analysis of the simulation results, It is concluded that the impact of Harrison acceleration on the conveyor belt is minimal during the starting process, taking Harrison as the object of starting acceleration , the simulation of different start time is carried out, The results show that the longer the starting time, the smaller the impact of the starting process on the conveyor belt.


AMESim; Belt conveyor; Starting process; Simulation analysis


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