Study on Optimization Control of Disassembly of Remanufacturing Waste Structures

Dan Zhang


With the increasing waste of global resources, the serious damage to the ecological environment, the relationship between people and the environment is deteriorating; human beings will face the problems of resource depletion. At present, more and more researchers turn their attention to the green industry, in which case the Remanufacturing technology arises at the historic moment. Remanufacturing technology is to put the already obsolete equipment through the advanced Remanufacturing technology means to make them back into production. Waste structure parts of Remanufacture need to be disassembled, and scientific and rational dismantling can maintain the original geometric accuracy of the structures, as well as performance. According to the characteristics of structural parts disassembly, in the basis of a series of data and the national standard of the original products, the model is established from the time and quantity analysis, and finally, the optimal control scheme is obtained.


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