Application of NSGA-Ⅱ Algorithm in the Design of Car Body Lateral Crashworthiness

Haiming Gu, Xu Wang


Car side impact is a highly non-linear process, involving numerous parts, in the optimization of crashworthiness, it is necessary to take into account the amount of invasion and intrusion speed, but also the impact on lightweight design. Thicknesses of main components of car side are set as design variables, invasion of front and back door and intrusion speed of B-pillar are set as design targets. By use of orthogonal experimental design and method of least squares fitting, a high precision response surface model is built. A platform is built using ISIGHT software for the multi-objective optimization based on NSGA-ı algorithm. The result shows that, compared to the original model, the optimized amount of invasion and intrusion speed can both achieve over 10% improvement and total mass reduces by nearly 2kg. So it proves that the optimization is effective and feasible.


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