Hydration Performance and Micromorphology of Gelled Material Containing Steel Slag Powder

Xiaowei Cui, Wen Ni, Xuan Liu, Chao Ren, Biyao Geng


The effect of steel slag powder on the compressive strength of high performance concrete was investigated. And the hydration reaction mechanism of the gelled material containing steel slag was explored by combining with XRD, SEM and the pore size distribution. According to the experiments, large quantity of steel slag powder reduced the strength of concrete, prolonged the hydration induction period, and reduced the accumulative heat, but it had slight impact on the hydration products of gelled material. In the concrete mixed with 20% of steel slag powder, the proportion of more harmful pores and harmful pores increased by 0.44% and 1.13% respectively, being one of the most important reasons for the decrease of the strength of the concrete.


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