Experimental Research on High Performance Concrete Admixture of Tailing

Chao Ren, Keqing Li, Wen Ni, Biyao Geng, Dezhong Li, Xiajie Qiu, Huiya Gao, Jiajia Wang


The lead and zinc tailings are generated in this process lead and zinc flotation, solid mineral wastes from the concentrator tailings slurry discharged after the formation of natural dehydration, which contains a variety of heavy metals, lead and zinc since the end mine uneven distribution of complex components, which vary depending on the region and type of content has a great difference in the price component. Tailing Most oxides and cement needed for the production of raw materials is similar, and contain small amounts of lead, zinc and copper and other trace elements, these elements for firing cement clinker having fluxing action and mineralization effect, can effectively improve the raw material easy to burn, increase the strength of clinker. In recent years, a large number of technical personnel Tailing as mineral admixtures used in cement production carried out extensive research, it has achieved technological achievements and good social and economic benefits.


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