High Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Alloy Steel in Multi-component Gases Considering Industrial Steel Heating Furnace Atmosphere

Yaowen Xu, Huan Xia, Feixiang Guan, Ping Liu, Ju He, Gang Zhao, Xinping Mao, Bin Han


Oxidation kinetic of microalloyed steel 50CrV4 was studied by isothermal heating in the temperature range of 1123 to 1423 K, holding for 900 to 7200s. Multicomponent atmospheres which were utilized to simulate the heating conditions in industrial heating furnace of steel process were composed of 13%H2O, 0.8%O2, 16.5%CO2, and 69.7%N2. Weight loss per unit surface area as a function of soaking time at different heating temperature was analyzed. It was found that oxidation kinetics corresponding to weight loss obey parabolic law. And the oxidation kinetics model was developed with parameters determined by two different methods. Good agreement between calculated value and measured data proved the validation of the model.


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