Research on the Attractiveness of Improvement of Hainan Higher Vocational Colleges to Overseas Students under the Background of “The Belt and Road Initiative” -A Case Study of Sanya Aviation and Tourism College

Han-tao YANG


The overseas students have been always deemed as the important channel of multinational cultural exchanges and the sound platform of presenting the national image, especially for Hainan Province, the important strategic point of the South China Sea. The development of education of overseas students and the intensification of education exchanges with the neighbouring countries are necessitated by serving the diplomacy, promoting the education, deepening the reform of education, expanding the opening to the outside world and promoting the continuous development of higher vocational colleges. This paper analyses the existing status and problems in respect of education of overseas students at higher vocational colleges in combination of the practice experience, and thus proposes the essential guidelines and tactics to improve the attractiveness of Hainan vocational colleges to overseas students.


Higher vocational college, Overseas students, Attractiveness


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