Recovering the Communication of Power System Protection Quickly Via ZigBee Wireless Network for the Intelligent Protection Center Research

Zi-kun ZHANG, Zhi-qian BO, Xin-zhou DONG, Shen-xing SHI, Xin CHEN, Rui-tong LIU, Wei FAN


The Intelligent Protection Center can make it to be possible to recover the power system protection quickly after the power grid was destroyed by some disaster. Then there will be one question: how to recover the communication channel rapidly between “information island” based on the Intelligent Protection Center. Only if this question is solved, can power grid be reconstructed quickly. In this paper, ZigBee technology is chosen to rebuild the wireless channel for “information island”. According the theory of ZigBee technology and power system protection, the maximum distance of this wireless channel can be gotten by calculation and simulation.


Intelligent Protection Center; ZigBee technology; "information island"; Directional protection


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