Analyses of Displacement Field along a Mountain Road Using Aerial Photos

Sung-Chi Hsu, Ya Suan Huang, Tai Seong Quah, Hsin-Yu Hu


This study is to obtain the horizontal displacement field of the collapsed and the surrounding area mainly based on the particle image velocimetry (PIV). Original aerial photographs taken in 2008 and 2010 of 22.53K collapses of Nantou 89th county road are collected and synthesized. ERDAS IMAGINE LPS modules are used to produce the DTM and orthophotos in order for later analyses. PIV view2C is used to conduct and process PIV analysis. In the study area, most of the displacement is between 1.33 to 9.94 m. About 89.9%~95% of displacement is less than 2.5 m. The position accuracy of the obtained orthophotos ranges between 0.6 to 1.50 meters with the use of PIV analysis.


Landslide; Particle image velocimetry (PIV); Orthophoto; Displacement


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