Observation of Reinforcement Methods in Organic Disseminated Sand

Jun Hu, Yong Liu, Kai Yao, Hong Wei


Many engineering problems are created because the organic matter disseminated sand is distributed throughout the primary Hainan Island bays. In this paper, the distribution, composition structure, and formative causes of organic matter disseminated sand are introduced. The engineering properties of organic matter disseminated sand are tested by indoor testing and the pile strengthening techniques at organic matter disseminated sand foundation are studied. The results showed that the organic matter in organic matter disseminated sand is immersed in pores of sand particles, adsorbed on the sand surface, and present in the sand to the surface disseminated. Thermal consolidation pile, reinforced fiber cement soil pile, bamboo reinforced concrete piles, bamboo reinforced cement soil mixing pile, freezing cement mixing pile, bamboo-reinforced cement soil casing pile and freezing high pressure spin spray pile, were seven highlighted techniques about pile-making at organic matter disseminated sand.


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