Applicability for Pipe Curtain Freezing Method with Multi-step Excavation of Gongbei Tunnel

Jin Zhang, Tao Liu, Wei Shi, Xianzhang Ling, Xiuting Su


Due to the sensitive location and special soft stratum environment, deformation requirements on Gongbei Tunnel Port excavation of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge port are very high. To solve the problem of deformation in construction process, the tunnel was designed by the pipe curtain freezing as the advanced support structure and was constructed by the multi-step excavation method, the applicability research was carried out by numerical calculation. The results indicate that numerical calculation of surface subsidence value is about 2.34mm, vault settlement is 2.81mm, and headroom convergence is about 1.82mm, deformation calculation value is small. By comparing with the ratio of calculation value and standard warning value, the ratio of the headroom convergence is the maximum value, which is only 18.2%, far less than the warning value. Pipe curtain freezing method with multi-step excavation has overcome the difficulties in the construction of super-shallow buried tunnel in soft stratum, and has a good applicability in soft soil stratum. It has extensive reference value for super-shallow buried tunneling project with strict deformation requirements.


Gongbei tunnel, Pipe curtain freezing method, Multi-step excavation, Applicability analysis


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