Experimental and DEM Investigation of Geogrid Reinforcement Effects under Plane Strain Conditions

Zhijie Wang, Felix Jacobs, Martin Ziegler, Guangqing Yang


In practice, geogrid reinforced soil structures are always under the plane strain conditions. In order to investigate the geogrid reinforcement effects under plane strain conditions, experimental and DEM investigations of biaxial compression tests were carried out in this study. In both laboratory tests and DEM investigations, the stress–strain behavior of geogrid reinforced soil specimens was significantly improved compared with the unreinforced soil specimens and the reinforcement effect became more obvious with increasing number of geogrid transverse members. The kinematic behavior of unreinforced and reinforced specimens was visualized in the laboratory tests and DEM simulations with the total and horizontal particle displacement distributions. Similar visualization results lead to improved understanding of geogrid reinforcement mechanisms under plane strain conditions.


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