Study on the Vibration Performance of a Multi-layer Flat Restrained Damping Structure

Weibo Huang, Dong Li, Jian Huang, Rui Zhang, Yanzhu Feng


In this paper, the composite loss factor, vibration acceleration level and displacement of a multi-layer flat-shaped constrained damping structure are studied by means of the single-point hammer excitation method and the modal strain energy method. The influence of the number of damping layers on the damping performance of the constrained damping structure is discussed, and the optimal number of layers is determined. The experimental results show that with the increase of the number of damping layers, the loss factor gradually increases, but the increasing range decreases gradually. The loss factor obtained in this study is 0.049, 0.028, and 0.022 respectively. The maximum vibration acceleration level is 15dB, 3dB and 4dB respectively. In addition, the maximum displacement of the structure calculated by the modal strain energy method shows a decreasing trend, which is 0.542, 0.546, 0.383, and 0.264, respectively. The composite loss factor has the same trend as that obtained from the experimental results, with an error very close to 20%. The higher level error is slightly larger, but still less than 25% with good consistency. The results show that the damping effect of the multi-layer plate type confinement damping structure is better than that of the single-layer damping structure. The optimal number of layers is 3.


Multilayer plate structure; Constrained damping structure; Single point hammer; Modal strain energy; Loss factor


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