Integrity Testing of Model Pile with Embedded Accelerometers

Jiunnren Lai, Pei-Cheng Yang, Bo-Huan Yang, Der-Wen Chang


Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques based on surface reflection of stress-wave have been successfully used for the integrity testing of newly-built individual piles. However, for piles with pile cap, previous studies have shown that the stress-wave reflected from the boundary of pile cap may cause difficulties in determining their integrity. In order to minimize the effects of stress-wave reflected from pile cap, three model piles (one is intact and the other two are with defects) were constructed with embedded accelerometers inside the pile in this study. Conventional Sonic Echo test and tests with embedded accelerometers were performed to assess their integrity. Results of these tests indicate that, in comparison to the surface reflection NDT method, testing with embedded accelerometers is more accurate in assessing the integrity of these model piles.


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