Study on the Effective Depth of Improvement and Influential Factors by High Energy Dynamic Compaction for Backfilled Soil

Ruigeng Hu, Wei Shi, Weihou Shui, Yaoyuan Zhang


The high energy dynamic compaction method exerts economy and high efficiency ideas when use it for treatment of backfilled soil foundation. Besides, it can improve strength of backfilled soil, decrease compressibility, eliminate collapsibility and liquefaction, etc. At present, the study on the effective depth of improvement for high energy dynamic compaction is not perfect, and empirical formulas of relevant codes aren’t rigorous. The formula of Menard isn’t adapt to high energy dynamic compaction, and its corrected coefficient is lacked for high energy dynamic compaction. Through the high energy dynamic compaction test on detritus, collapsible loess, sand foundation by using the plate loading tests, dynamic penetration tests and laboratory soil tests, this paper analyses the change regulation of bearing capacity, compression modules and the effective depth of improvement under different energy levels, the spaces of tamping points. According to the data, fit the corrected formula of Menard for the effective depth of improvement under different backfilled soils, energy levels and provide the guidance for the programs using high energy dynamic compaction method.


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