Experimental Research on the Durability of Stabilized Gravel Soil

Yazhen Sun, Zuoxin Ma, Xiaochen Wang, Kaixiang Li


This paper systematically studied the durability of stabilized gravel soil (SGS) based on the gravel-poor regions of Liaoning province. This paper focused on water stability and frost resistance of SGS from home and abroad. Two gradation schemes were designed: one is natural gravel soil (NGS), the other one is NGS with coarse aggregate. Moreover, the NGS was stabilized by cement of different contents and soil stabilizer. On the basis of the two gradation schemes, three groups of test material schemes were designed: (1) Cement-stabilized natural gravel soil (CSNGS); (2) Cement and soil stabilizer stabilized natural gravel soil; (3) Cement-stabilized natural gravel soil of skeleton dense structure. Water saturated time simulation test, dry and wet cycle test and frost resistance test were done. The results of the tests indicate that it can improve the water stability and frost resistance of SGS by the ways of adding soil stabilizer and coarse aggregate and increasing the dosage of cement properly.


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