Numerical Analysis for Selection of New Arch Framework Structures Made of Precast Block Materials for Highway Slope Protection

Saiqian Tang, Yihua Nie, Yang Xu


Arch framework structure is one of the common forms of highway slope protection in actual projects, and the rapid development and wide application of new type arch framework structures made of precast block material are for their convenient construction and environmental protection. The article selects two typical arch shaped framework structures made of traditional mortar rubble, and precast block material over mortar foundation respectively. According to actual structure sizes, finite element analysis models were built to calculate and analyze the displacement and stress of two structures under same vertical loading pressure. The results of the numerical analysis and laboratory test results show that, the difference of the displacement between the two structures is small, and the displacement of new structure is a little bigger. The stress of new structure is significantly less than traditional structure. The new type structure of precast block material over mortar foundation possesses better over-all performances among the chosen two structures and can be used widely.


Highway slope protection; Arch framework; Structure selection; Numerical analysis


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