Research on Pavement Performance of Silane Coupler-Modified Colored Asphalt

Xinde Tang, Yueqing Yang, Xuxiang Tan, Xiuying Hu


Colored asphalt pavement plays an important role in city beautification and traffic management. To avoid rutting, moisture damage, and color degradation, enhanced compatibility between colored asphalt and aggregates should be achieved. In this paper, silane coupler was applied to modify colored asphalt to improve pavement performance. The enhanced interfacial force between organic and inorganic materials and improved adhesion of colored asphalt and aggregates were realized by the “bridging effect” of silane coupler. Marshall test, immersion Marshall test, rutting test, and bending test under low temperature were conducted. The results indicate that the modified colored asphalt by silane coupler exhibits fine pavement performance.


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