A Method for Predicting the Matric Suction of Unsaturated Soils with Soil Color Recognition

Chenghua Wang


To overcome shortcomings such as complicated and time consuming existed in methods for measurement of soil suction, a new, simple and quick method for prediction of soil suction is suggested. By measuring soil color and water content simultaneously, a curve for describing the relationship of the variation of soil color with degree of saturation is produced and defined as Soil Color Characteristic Curve (SCCC). By combining the Soil Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC) and SCCC with degree of saturation of soil as an intermediate variable, a new curve connecting the suction and soil color was generated and named as Soil Color-Suction Curve (SCSC). With using SCSC, the suction of an unsaturated soil of definite degree of saturation can be predicted by taking colored image on surface of soil sample and by application of color recognition techniques.


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