Experimental Study on Characteristics of the Plastic Zone in Coarse Grained Soil Slope

Pengming Jiang, Wenwen Dai, Bang Fu, Jinhua Ding


In order to study the development of plastic zone of cohesionless coarse grained soil slope under external load, the plane strain tests of cohesionless soil in the different average particle sizes were carried out by using the same slope model size. The results show that the beginning of bifurcation of strain in soil is a sign of plastic zone trigger, and with the average particle size increasing, the required time for the development of shaping belt is long; With the increase of the average particle size, the plastic zone width has varying degrees of growth; At the same time, the plastic zone of sliding position is affected by the load positions to a certain extent, and with the extension of the loading position to the slope, the relative position of the plastic belt also extends to the depth of the slope.


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