The Influence of Strength Reduction Method on Slope Stability Under Different Instability Criteria

Wenwen Dai, Pengming Jiang, Jinhua Ding, Bang Fu


In order to fully understand the different effect of strength reduction method on slope stability analysis in different instability criterion, and solve the problems related to the instability of slope, this paper uses the platform of the finite element software ABAQUS to carry out the research that finite element strength reduction method analyzes the stability of homogeneous soil slope in different instability criterion. Moreover, in detail, this paper analyzes the difference between slope safety factor and the soil strength parameters change on the effect by using strength reduction method in different instability criterion. The research shows that by using the strength reduction method, the safety factor has been affected by different instability criteria, but its influence affected by the soil strength in a certain range of the parameters are decided, at the same time, soil cohesion, internal friction angle, Poisson ratio and other parameters for the development of the plastic zone and the shape of the sliding surface also have some influence on the critical state of the slope.


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