Enframed Scenery and Flowing Wind

Linxue Li, Meiting He, Yiwen He


This article introduces a bamboo building constructed by the team from Tongji University in the Louna International University Construction Competition. It introduces the design strategies on how the building responds to the local natural environment.

Based on the study of ecological design, this article aims to discuss the value of bamboo and its ecological significance as a kind of building material. After analyzing this construction as the theme of “camping device” in Louna, Guizhou, China, it discusses the strategies and methods of architectural design from three aspects: regional building materials, terrain environment and regional climate. Under the guidance of the ecological design principles, it also wants to explore the design principles and methods of the bamboo materials.

Afterwards, combined with this camping equipment, this article not only shows the process of bamboo structure design from concept design to detailed study, but also has a brief study of bamboo structure, bamboo node and bamboo skin. In the design process, we think about the design itself, and thus to dig the role of bamboo construction in response to the natural environment in Guizhou province.


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