Evaluating Drainage Consolidation Method in Soft Soil Foundation Treatment by Vane Shear Strength

Hongjun Liu


In order to evaluate the effect of drainage consolidation method in soft soil Foundation treatment more effectively, this text analyzes the soft soil Foundation’s shear strength before the drainage consolidation and Preloading uninstall based on the new south road in Jiangmen Binjiang new district .The results shows, soft soil shear strength has an obviously increasing process after pre pressure drainage consolidation. The vane shear strength before Preloading uninstall can be 5-10kPa better than before the drainage consolidation; the growth rate of shear strength is about at least 20%; some local shear strength increased more significantly, the growth rate even reach 150% or more; The growth rate of shear strength increases as the speed of The depth of the shear increases initially and decreases afterwards. This conclusion is conformed to the principle of additional stress distribution. The results provide technical reference for the design and construction of regional soft soil Foundation.


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