Research on the Performances of Thermal Resistance Asphalt Mixture Containing Calcined Bauxite

Xiangyang Chen, Huang Tao, Zhe Lv


Because of the properties of low absorption rate and low coefficient of thermal resistance of calcined bauxite, it was mixed into the SBS modified asphalt mixture as coarse aggregate, which with the content of 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% was taken as coarse aggregate volume instead of ordinary coarse aggregate. The performances of thermal resistance asphalt mixture containing calcined bauxite are studied in this paper. Pavement performance test showed that with the increase of calcined bauxite dosage, the asphalt mixture of high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance showed a trend of unimodal changes which increased firstly then decreased, but the water stability is reduced with the increase of calcined Bauxite dosage. The thermal resistance test showed that with the increase of calcined bauxite dosage, the mixture of thermal resistance and thermal diffusivity reduce. Results of pavement performance test and thermal resistance performance test show that the comprehensive properties of modified asphalt mixture with the dosage of 80% calcined bauxite is optimal.


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