Numerical Simulation of The Wall Erosion in Embed Solid-liquid Cyclone Based on CFD Analysis

Mengmei Lu, Minghu Jiang, Lixin Zhao, Hao Wang


Wear problems have limited cyclone development. In order to improve the wear resistance and prolong the service life of the cyclone, a new type of cyclone is proposed. The new type of cyclone is additionally provided with an embed cone in the outer cone section, by changing the cyclone structure itself, improve the wear resistance of the cyclone. Based on CFD analysis, the RSM model and the DPM model in ANSYS software were used to simulate the embed solid-liquid cyclone and compared it with the common cyclone. The rate of erosion on the surface of the cyclone wall is reduced greatly and the wear range is significantly reduced, due to existence of embed cone, which reflects the embed solid-liquid abrasive resistant cyclone which has important practical engineering value.


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