Investigation on Shear Capacity Calculation Method of GFRP-concrete Deck with Large Shear-span Ratio

Zhaojie Tong, Qiao Huang, Shengchao Yang, Weigang Bao


This study investigates the shear capacity calculation method of GFRP-concrete decks. The predicted results calculated by GB50010-2010 specification, JTG D62- 2004 specification and ACI 318 specification were compared with the experimental results of GFRP-concrete decks and reinforcement concrete decks. The results of the comparison showed that JTG D62-2004 equation could predict the shear capacity of GFRP-concrete deck or reinforcement concrete deck and have the safety margin. However, due to the neglect of deck effect, the predicted results with ACI 318 specification or GB50010-2010 specification were too conservative for calculating the shear capacity of deck with large shear-span ratio.


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