Truck Rollover Simulation on Curved Section of Freeway Based on ADAMS

Heng WANG, Jin-liang XU, Xin-li JIA, Long SU


Truck’s rollover is one of the most single truck accident forms happened on freeway. This paper took three axis Hercules truck of Dongfeng series as the prototype, and used the ADAMS simulation software to build the rigid-flexible coupling truck vehicle model of 529 Gruebler count. The 3D coordinate of road center, road width, road super-elevation, left and right side friction co-efficient of road were used to achieve the building of road model. The road center coordinates’ tracking, the input of steering wheel angle and running speed’s controlling were used to implement the driver model’s building. Then four simulation experiment conditions, including the road conditions, traffic conditions, input conditions of steering wheel angle and the feature points of non-measured section, were set up and the rollover simulation experiment of truck were carried on. The tire vertical force values were selected as quantitative indicators to estimate rollover accidents, and mathematical statistics and numerical interpolation method were used to calculate the critical rollover safety driving speed threshold for truck of different mass center height on different ultra- high curved section, which was of great significance for understanding the mechanism of the rollover accident and putting forward the truck speed limit standard.


Freeway, Curved section, Truck, Rollover, Simulation


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