The Problem-Solving Agricultural Knowledge Service System for Farm Households

Hong ZHOU, Zhi-jing LIU, Qun ZHU, Bing-hua WANG, Jing-jie LI


With the advancement of agricultural modernization of China, farmer’s demand of agricultural service has turned from the traditional agricultural information service to the problem-solving mode gradually. Professional, personalized knowledge service is required. How to use Internet-thinking to construct problem-solving agricultural science and technology knowledge service system which is used to solve all kinds of problems in the process of agricultural production for farmers is the core content of our development. In this paper, system architecture and some major function features are introduced. Through the running of the system, the problems in the system are analyzed and the optimal solutions are proposed. Scientific and technological progress and innovation is the guarantee of the sustainable development of agriculture. With the advance of agricultural modernization, demand of china farmers of agricultural science and technology service has from the traditional agricultural information services, gradually turned to the purpose of problem-solving mode. How to effectively use the mobile Internet to provide fast, efficient, professional and personalized service for the majority of farmers, break the agricultural expert system affiliation, bring together experts in different fields to realize agricultural experts and farmers 24 hours face-to-face information interaction, realize the precision agriculture technology service, effectively solve the problem of farmers’ fields of production is the core content of the development of this system.


Agricultural science and technology, Knowledge service, Mobile Internet, APP.


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