Simulation of High Pressure Water Washing and Purification of Biogas

Qi-dong CHEN, Min-quan JIANG, Ya-ling SHEN


Purification of biogas by water washing method is widely used in large and medium scale biogas projects because of its non-pollution and low cost. In this paper, the purification effect of Plus Aspen chemical process simulation software was used to simulate the purification effect of biogas washing tower with 120m3 per hour. This paper studied the effects of different pressure, temperature and absorption liquid flow rate (water gas ratio) on the purification of biogas. The simulation results show that the optimum operating parameters of the absorber are: pressure 0.8Mpa, temperature 10℃, absorption liquid flow (water vapor ratio) 1.1m3/h and the material composition of the inlet and outlet of the absorber under the optimum operating parameters are given. This paper not only laid the foundation for the later experiment, but also provided a reference for the design and optimization of the equipment for the purification of the biogas washing equipment.


Biogas purification, Water washing, Absorption tower, Simulation


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