Food Safety Strategies of Wild Vegetable Products Derived from Xiaolongshan Forest

Wei-dong BAO


Based on Zuolin wild vegetable processing plant of Xiaolongshan Forestry Experimental Bureau, an analysis focused on food safety during the period of wild herbs cultivation and processing and corresponding strategies were proposed. Total more than 10 species wild herbs are available for cultivating in Xiaolongshan forest. Intended to provide safe food, the green food standards and pollution-free cultivation techniques should be introduced in the field. The wild herbs processing plant should be standardized following the national standard format. Green production procedures, such as dried and frozen should be the key processing methods. At the end, the production should meet for the enterprise standard signed by Tianshui Bureau of Quality Supervision (Q/11yc01-2004) as well as food safety criterion.


Wild herbs, Food safety, Cultivation, Processing, Xiaolongshan forest


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