The Effect of Urea on Degumming of Mulberry Silk with Papain

Yi-min DENG, Ti-hai SHI, Gao-jun ZHANG, Shi-xiong YI


By measuring simply the degumming rate of silk, this work would know the effect of the combination of papain and urea as degumming agent on silk degumming, and the protease activity of papain would any change in the presence of urea when sericin as a solid substrate of papain. The results shows that, papain has exhibited its temperature tolerance no matter if there is urea, during the process of silk degumming, even if the temperature at 100℃ holds the highest rate of silk degumming. To achieve the highest degumming rate, requiring temperature of silk degumming was lower in the solution containing papain and urea than in the solution only containing papain. there is the highest degumming rate using papain plus urea as degumming reagent than other three kinds of papain and urea and distilled word only separately as degumming reagent; the degumming rate with papain and urea is not the sum of the two which with papain and urea separately. Thus urea has some effect on papain when sericin as sold substrate, may be due to the expansion effect of urea on sericin.


Papain, Urea, Degumming, Degumming rate.


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