A Study of Household's Environmental Cognitive Behavior and Influencing Factors on the Construction of Beautiful Countryside in Zhejiang Province

Kong YANG, Chen-xia HU, Zhong-ming ZHANG, Ya-li LI


Based on 329 household survey questionnaire data in Zhejiang, China, we discussed farmer's environmental cognitive behavior on the beautiful countryside construction and its influencing factors, using linear regression, variance analysis and correlation analysis. The results show that fewer (20.30%) respondent farmers know this program; there are positive correlations between farmer cognitive on the beautiful countryside construction and their income. At present, rural households’ environmental awareness is low, but 40% of the respondents believe that the environment has been improved in recent years, they are beginning to realize the importance of the rural environment. Farmer cognition of the beautiful countryside construction has obvious spatial differences between different regions in Zhejiang province. As a whole, Taizhou (76.8%) households’ environmental cognition rate and Quzhou (76.3%) was roughly at the same level, Wenzhou (64.9%) is lower compared to them.


Household, Environment cognition, Construction of beautiful countryside


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